The Challenge Posted on 10 Nov 17:55

A simple one: founder of Single Speed Components Matt has fitted a set of our all white, cup and cone bearing flip flop wheels to his only bike and will ride them either to death or 5,000 miles as quickly as possible. Whichever comes first.

We’ve fitted the bike with a 15 tooth chrome dicta fixed gear sprocket and lock ring and one of our standard 3/32” chrome chains.

Incidentally these parts are available together as a starter kit here for less than £80.00...

In case you were about to work it out: a £70 wheelset doing 5,000 miles works out as 1.4 pence per mile - plus rubber costs of course. As it happens we'll be adding up these costs too so you can see the full cost per mile. All assuming we get to the 5,000 miles.

We'll be doing short reports every now and again giving a bit of talk about what's going on, and fuller tests a bit less frequently where we put the wheels in a stand and have a detailed look.

As with all wheels they may lose tension or trueness and if they do we’ll get this sorted out and report it to you.

We’d rather maintain the wheels appropriately than have them fall apart prematurely, or cause any kind of hazard.