The Bike Posted on 11 Nov 17:57

5000 Mile Challenge

Hi, I'm Matt, and this is my bike.

It's made up of a 1970s/80s Harrier frame which has been resprayed gold and an array of mostly recovered old parts. The new parts are as follows:

1. The wheelset – Single Speed Components all white flip flop wheelset. You can find out more about the wheels on their dedicated page, but the basics: cup and cone Quando flip flop hubs; 30mm deep, double walled rims; white spokes which come out of the box in decent tension - we have not tensioned or trued them before fitting
2. Dicta 15T 3/32” chrome plated sprocket, with rust coloured lock ring
3. Chrome 3/32” chain
4. Panaracer Pasela white tyres and a pair of our tubes
5. Generic brake cable and pads
6. White BBB saddle 
7. Generic Bottom bracket spindle and bearing cages – the original Sugino cups were cleaned and retained.
8. Spider crank spacers – the chainset is an old SR road bike double spider which we’ve taken the large ring off, leaving a 42T ring
9. That’s it – everything else, including the odometer, was either on the original bike or has been recovered  from another similar vintage road bike 

(photo taken sometime through the testing - shows the mud and dirt we've amassed so far...)

Rough cost: for everything including the paint job (£75) and the bike itself (about £40) £220. But there was a lot of time spent building it and searching for the parts.