5 Jan 2012 - 55 Days, 550 Miles Posted on 05 Jan 18:01

Riding Log: I'll start by describing how I treat the bike. So far I have been riding it almost exclusively as a utility vehicle. About 85% of mileage has been on North London roads, with about 15% through parks, on canal toe paths and the odd bit of Thames cycleway. The bike is kept indoors most nights.

I hop the odd 15cm kerb as I cut through a residential estate; I only have a front brake which I use quite a bit when I’m in a hurry, so the rear wheel braking surface will probably be okay...; using reverse pedal pressure to aid braking may impact on the chain, sprocket and rear wheel (?) but I don’t skid so it’s probably a light impact.

I am riding fixed gear with a 42/15 gear ratio which is slightly higher than average; it seems probable that this adds to the stresses going through the rear wheel and chain, so may impact on their condition (though the amount of hill riding I do probably matters more. Not much hill riding).

Short Report: We haven't taken the wheels off for an examination but they feel sturdy, basically as good as new. A recent wash of the bike showed no cosmetic impact at all. And the front rim's braking surface shows barely any visible wear.

Running Costs: we've had one puncture - £2.50 (we sell 8 of these tubes for £20)