13 Feb 2012 - 94 Days, 1005 Miles Posted on 13 Feb 18:06

Riding Log: We've got to 1000 miles! Great: No issues. Weather's a bit poor at the moment. Some time to show you some of the features of my regular grind up the Lea River:

1. The Choice
The Choice
Either try to go round these little traffic calming measures and risk the canal, or just slow down and bump over them.

 2. The Other Water Feature
The Other Water Feature
Approach at about 18mph, coast about 3/4 of the way, then gingerly pedal 'til you're through. This cleans the bike quite well.

3. Bike Infrastructure
Bike Infrastructure
The chute on the right of the stairs is for wheeling your bike on. There aren't many of these about in the UK

Short Report: Absolutely nothing to discuss here. No discernable change to the condition of anything on the bike

Running Costs: None added. Total still £17.50