6 March 2012 - 116 Days, 1261 Miles Posted on 06 Mar 18:08

Riding Log: Through 25% of the journey, and we've sold quite a lot of these wheels in the past couple of weeks. I've hauled a trailer full of bike bits about 30 miles in the past few days - the chain weathered the extra demand on it.

I've also been cycling around Muswell Hill, North London a bit recently. Quite a bit of hilly terrain there which the bike seemed to find fine.

A puncture yesterday revealed that the tyres are getting a bit bald. We'll stick with them unless we get three punctures in very quick succession.

I've finally now adjusted the bearings on the front wheel so this should be running even smoother than before - preserving the good condition of the cups and bearings for longer.

Short Report: No change to the feel of the parts. Still great

Running Costs: £2.50 for a second tube. Total now £20.00