28 April 2012 - 169 Days, 1899 Miles Posted on 28 Apr 18:09

Riding Log: We're up to just shy of 2,000 miles now, at 38% of the journey. In my last report above I suggested that the tyres may be at the end of their life and if we got three punctures in quick succession we'd replace them.

That happened - three punctures in 5 days, so we've replaced the Panaracer Pasela tyres with our budget £14 a pair option

As also noted above I ride quite aggressively. Coming down from a few inch high kerb a spoke popped out. This has been replaced and the wheels are running fine.

Short Report: A few maintenance issues, mainly the death of our Panaracer Pasela tyres!

Running Costs: £7.50 for three more tubes on our knackered tyres, £15 for a replacement spoke, £14 for a pair of tyres. Total now £56.50, which is nearly the cost of the wheels. Half of this is in rubber costs.