13 June 2012 - 215 Days, 2502 Miles Posted on 13 Jun 18:10

Riding Log: We've passed the halfway mark and the wheels are running fine. A couple of punctures on our new tyres and we've moved to slightly wider 28mm tyres for now - we may return to the 23s later but for now we're playing safe. We will use some mileage later on in the test to try to test the black 23s. All of this means that the running costs have almost reached those of the wheels.

Full Test. We've taken the wheels off,and inspected them in our jig, to look at trueness and roundnes

Bearing Condition
Front: No play, great.
Rear: No play, smooth, but feels a bit dry. Could probably do with a re-grease

Spoke Tension
Both: fine. The replacement spoke on the rear wheel is a bit looser than ideal having loosened off in riding - but no big issue

Front: good
Rear: some wobble, probably a result of the replaced spoke

Both wheels: as before, a slight deviation from roundness, but not an issue so we haven't trued for this.

Rim Wear
Front: minimal wear
Rear: no brake, no wear...

Cosmetic Condition
This is to be checked, we need to give the wheels a good clean beforehand... coming up!

Running Costs: £12.00 for two more tubes and a replacement 28mm black tyre. Total now £68.50, just under the cost of the wheels.