24 January 2013 - 440 days, 5002 Miles Posted on 24 Jan 18:15

Riding Log: So, success!

The 5 thousand mile challenge is complete. These wheels have travelled 5 thousand miles and have survived.

Sorry about the 5 month gap between reports. I've continued with similar riding the whole time - quite a bit of trailer pulling, quite a bit of canalside riding but mainly just up and down London roads. We've had a few punctures and changed a tyre or two.

Some Proof: First of all a bit of proof and some pictures to show the overall state of the bike


The Bashed Up Odometer

Please believe us the bottom line of this is our total, and is saying '5 0 1 6' miles

You can see a range of scratches from the numerous times this has been dropped on the street over the 15 months of its use, hence the loss of various sections of the numbers in the display

The odometer has been removed and refitted to its bracket about 1200 times in the period. An average journey of about 3 miles it has mostly been used in London where theft was too much of a risk anytime I parked in public. Inevitably it was dropped several times.


The Bike

The bike has not been cleaned much... as you can see.

It has continued to have quite a bit of use on tow paths and other slightly muddy trails. So it looks just like it did after 100 miles... dirty.

A few more images here.

Short Report: So, how are the wheels then?

They have had no issues at all in these final 1,500 miles, and at present from riding them they are basically true, making no funny noises, and the hubs are not crunching in any way which is detectable as you ride.

So overall they have performed stolidly. Apart from a pinged spoke and a bit of truing and hub adjustment already discussed they have required no help to get the job done.

We'll take them off for a full clean and test in a jig in a few days 

Also, we can say that our Dicta Sprocket and lock ring managed to make the full journey, which is pretty pleasing. Our standard chain was replaced after 4,800 miles - I blame myself for letting it get rusty when I cleaned it... but it still did sterling work for a £7 chain!

Running Costs: £29 for the final 1,500 miles. For five more tubes, a tyre and a chain. Total now £107.50

A full list of the full running costs:

16 x Inner Tubes - £40
4 x Tyres - £28
Labour - £30
One Brake Cable £2.5
One Chain - £7
Total Cost - £107.5

This works out as 2.2p per mile

The 16 inner tubes works out as roughly a tube change every 312 miles, meaning each tube lasted on average 625 miles

Slightly different maths suggests that our tyres lasted about 1670 miles each

This doesn't seem bad.

However the total costs for rubber were £68 and I think that a super strong tyre like the Schwalbe Marathon Plus, which we offer for £50 a pair may well therefore be a cheaper option for this kind of mileage as it may well eliminate all further costs, as well as removing the inconvenience of replacement.

This is something we will be testing next... to which now

What's Next?

Well, we're feeling good and aiming at another 5,000 miles. But probably to be ridden by a new custodian, another Matt.

The bike will first be pretty much stripped, cleaned, and refitted with a host of our parts, including some Marathon Plus tyres to test the hypothesis above, and a new odometer. It will be useful for us to see how these other parts perform too.

Before that we will clean the wheels and do a full test of them in our jig and also clean and examine the sprocket and lock ring.

Bring on the next 5 grand!