17 May 2013 - 553 Days, 6317 Miles Posted on 17 May 18:22

Riding Log: Something unexpected and heartwarming happened over tha past month. On the 4th April we received an email from Remis, a young man with a simple aim to cycle round the UK with not much more than a bicycle and the goodwill of strangers - meeting people, sharing his love of two wheels and experiencing the place in a new way. Remis' original bike had failed, the rear hub collapsing, and he was wanting a new one. So we sent him out the 5,000 mile bike and Remis took it on tour.

Check out the Facebook page Remis set up for this... his nice shots and observations tell the story infinitely better than we could!

We write this having just met Remis in Victoria, London to receive the bike back from him after their tour together. All in all the ride seems to have been a great success. It has also put 1,200 miles on our odometer... though a few 'off-odometer' miles were done too!

Short Report: The bike seems to have had a few scrapes... why not!? But all is in order and it feels fast and great. The rear brake was not returning propertly so we've taken it off and given it some 'alphaalpha-numericnumeric' (WD-40, GT-85, or whatever...) and it's running fine

Running Costs: Zero! Well there you go, that's a pair of Marathon Plus tyres for you. 1,200, probably more like 2,000 miles round UK roads, and no punctures! Total running costs remain at £167.00