21 June 2013 - 588 Days, 6560 Miles Posted on 21 Jun 18:24

Riding Log: Well we're now 30% through a second 5,000 mile tranche with this set up and we should probably be getting onto rebranding the project 10,000, or perhaps 15,000 mile challenge. Because we're feeling pretty chipper about the whole thing.

The bike's been back in London doing everyday commutes, sometimes with our trailer behind it. 

Short Report: The wheels are running fine but have had a bit of work. We discovered a couple of broken spokes on the rear wheel which have been replaced and we took the opportunity to loosen the hub bearings when the wheel was off. I think that makes 3 or 4 spokes replaced out of the 64 original... so we can still consider these to be our wheels... not a frankenstein's monster yet. 

Running Costs: £15.00 for the fitting of two new spokes and a quick hub adjustment. Total now £182.00