04 June 2014 - 935 Days, 7422 Miles Posted on 04 Jun 18:25

Riding Log: I'm Martin, and the bike has been my companion for 3 weeks now. 

So far I've used it for travelling roads around East London – predominantly a journey that takes me from Leyton to Liverpool Street, via the slice between Hackney Marshes and the Olympic Park, followed by a pleasant Victoria Park interlude, and then Old Ford and Bethnal Green roads in their entirities. Mostly a paved journey, apart from a half mile of gravel path beside the River Lea Navigation.

The bike feels sturdy, and is quick off the mark at traffic lights. A good test of the brakes is having to avoid running over the jaywalking suits of the Liverpool Street business district. No collisions so far!

Short Report: I've noticed a split in the back tyre, about 1cm across.
Tyre tread slit
Something sharp must have found it's way between the rubber tread, and now you can see the blue kevlar of the layer beneath. This was noticed a few days ago – tyres are still firm so it definitely hasn't caused a puncture.