Write a 3 Minute Review & Win A £10 SSC Voucher Posted on 05 Apr 23:50

We are committed to providing top performing, looking, and priced single speed bike parts and we're keen for our customers to share their experience with us and others - to keep us on our toes and get the message out.

Please Write a Review of your SSC Product Purchase

If you've purchased from us then once you've given your goods a proper road test or two please head over to the product page for any items you've bought and spend a few minutes leaving a review.

It's a 3 Minute Job
Just find your product on the site, scroll down to the Customer Review section and click Write a review on the right hand side.

£10 Voucher for Every 30th Review
During April and May we'll be sending a £10 voucher for our site for every 30th review we receive. (Your email will be shared with us but not publicly).

If you've purchased 7 items you're welcome to write 7 reviews!
Just make them honest, that's all we ask.

If you have a problem get in touch
As always if you find a defect or other serious issue with anything we have sent you please get in touch with us first so we can work out a solution with you. We do our very best to make sure everything that goes out is in top condition but can never be 100% sure of this.