Single Speed Components in The Fixed Gear World! Posted on 27 Jun 05:16

The Fixed Gear World Review of Single Speed Components

We've just had a full Single Speed Components drivetrain reviewed by fixie blog The Fixed Gear World.

Check out the review: restyling my fixie with

The Fixed Gear World, run by Rubén Bagüés and features news, bike and parts review, videos, and a gallery of fixed gear bikes submitted by riders across the world.

The review takes a drivetrain including our highest end S S C parts - including a Retro Modern Classic Wheelset and S S C Classic Chainset - with which Rubén makes over a garish Prism fixie.

The end product is a chalk and cheese ride of a chunky pink a-Head frame matched to our more sedate offerings... and gumwall tyres.

Looks good to us.