Dicta Single Speed Freewheel - 16 to 18 Teeth


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These single speed freewheels are a great option
The cheapest branded freewheels by some way Dicta of Taiwan has been making these for years to the same design and it's no surprise that they are found on many standard factory bike builds
You should get several thousand miles out of one of these freewheels

16, 17 or 18 Teeth Single Speed Freewheel
3/32" or 1/8" width, (3/32" is compatible with any chain)
Finishes Available: Uncoated Bronze, Chrome Plated
Silver or Nickel Plated Black
Final picture shows the four notches
which a BMX freewheel tool fits into to remove
these from a wheel.
No tool is needed for installation

Standard ISO threading, 1.375" and 24TPI

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