A Few Random FAQs

If I buy a rear wheel and sprockets will you fit them on for me?
Yes, unless we’re told otherwise we always do this because a lot of our customers won’t have a chain whip and lock ring tool to fit their sprocket and lock ring, or they’ll overcomplicate what is actually a 10 second and very easy job of fitting a freewheel (once you know how!)

Can you fit tyres to my wheel if I buy both?
We don’t do this usually because: it takes time, makes fitting everything into our boxes harder, and we can’t pump them up anyway as it’ll likely cause damage on the way (as well as making the package heavier, yes I’m splitting hairs…).

If you spend a lot of money with us we may be willing to do this for you free of charge, especially if you collect in person, but in general we don’t want to put our prices up to cover this cost

I live in Brussels, is it possible to deliver wheels to Belgium? What would be the price and the time frame?

The time frame would be about 3-4 working days from when we sent your items out, which – assuming you only buy standard stock items - would probably be the Monday or Thursday following your purchase And the price is an automatic £12 plus £6 which you need to put in the basket here to cover the extra cost of sending wheels, http://singlespeedcomponents.co.uk/i-postage/credits.html. Visit the same page for more information on international shipping costs.

Should I Buy a Half Link Chain?
In general we'd only suggest you buy a half link chain if you have either very short dropouts or vertical dropouts. With short dropouts the half link chain can really help as it allows you to be more detailed in what length you shorten the length of the chain to meaning you hve more likelihood of getting the chain to be at adequate tension in the frame.

Vertical dropout frames, are kind of an extreme case of short dropouts! So with them if you want to try to avoid using a chain tensioner - either for aesthetic reasons or because you want to ride fixed gear - then a half link chain gives you more chance of finding a 'golden combination' of front and rear cogs which will allow you to get decent tension.

Outside of these two situations the extra weight of a half link chain I'd suggest makes it not worth using.

I need a brake for my single speed bike.(see image) Will all of your brakes fit or do I need to order a specific one?

Please see our 'Working out the caliper length you need' link at the top of this page. This is one of 5 links we've put there for helping with some regular measurement questions.

I have started to build up my bike and have a problem with the Tektro brake supplied. The bolt set up doesn't fit the fork hole - the screw thread side will go in, but not the section that goes through the rearward side of the fork - this is too wide for the dimension of the hole.

Okay, so just to explain the situation: the frame will have originally had fitted an older kind of brake which had a conventional nut and bolt attachment. Later on these ‘recessed nut’ calipers were designed which need a larger hole in the forks to fit through.

To address this you have three options:
1. We have these two brakes which are nut/bolt - Alhonga 72mm and Acor 73mm . However, they are longer drop brakes so this will only work if you have a drop on your fork to the rim of at least 52mm. You need to measure this, for which see our 'Working out the caliper length you need' link at the top of this page.

2. You can drill the back section of the forks out to about 8.5mm diameter to get the recessed nut to fit. Obviously only do this if you're confident it will not damage the integrity of the forks. This is doable but often requires a really strong drill bit and cooling of it in the process. Because of likely structural issues we don’t really suggest you try this on the rear of the bike as these sections of frame are usually very narrow so widening the hole would likely cause problems. For the rear you can probably put a front brake on and use a nut to tighten (taken off an old brake?)

3. We believe online store Velosolo sells a shorter drop Tektro brake with nut and bolt - we do not unfortunately.