Fixed Gear Sprocket Range

We have three sprockets, a Dicta one for £5.50 including post; or a Shimano one for £22.

No, the Shimano one won't last 4 times as long!

The Dicta will probably last around 4-6,000 miles, it's a great product. The Shimano perhaps more like 8-10,000.

That’s only two, you said there were three...what about the £10 one?

Yeah, sorry about that. We have another non-branded sprocket in three sizes - 19T 3/32” and 20T in either thickness - simply because Dicta don't do these sizes.

They're similar in quality to the Dicta one… we just have to charge more because we don’t import them so they cost more. If you have a 1/8” chain then get the £5 Dicta 19T one instead of the £10 one.

What about Lock Rings?

Oh yeah, we also have lock rings available and one, by Suzue, is usable with 12T sprockets. The other one is not usable for this because the 12T sprocket is so small in diameter that the chain running over it rubs against the standard sized lock ring.