Our Approach

Our Approach

We are a small operation and we aim to provide a friendly service. We also draw your attention to two aspects of the way we work which make up our commitment to better working:

  1. Minimising Environmental Impact

    One of the most important steps anyone can take to reduce their impact on the environment (and the negative impact that can have on others) is to reduce carbon producing travel options in favour of the bicycle. This is why we are proud to offer the service we do.

    Beyond our choice of core activity we want to reduce the environmental impact of all the detailed things we do as a re-seller and provider of bicycle maintenance.

    So far this means seeking out already used packaging for our mail outs, reducing other impacts in our administrative work (e.g. using recycled paper), and finally looking to bring out low environmental impact products.

    A low impact product is one which is produced, lives its life and then can be disposed of (or brought into another life) with minimal impact on the world. Please look out for products like this coming up.

  2. Worker Involvement & Balanced Job Complexes

    We plan to introduce a means for people working in the organisation to learn everything about how it works and to be involved in key decisions as we grow. At present the small number of people involved in Single Speed Components makes this easy! But we are committed to involvement and the development of a balanced set of skills for all involved.