Our Single Speed Chainset Range

At present we offer five models of Single Speed Chainset.

All of our chainsets are strong and long lasting, but they do improve in quality with price, so we’d really just advise going for whichever fits in with your aesthetic preferences and budget.

I happen to prefer the aesthetics of the SSC Modern and particularly the Classic which I think is lovely. So I’d take one of them, depending on the budget I faced.

However we also have the SSC Spider which is a bit cheaper and a nice option.

And the Sturmey Archer is actually perhaps the most obvious option. It looks very like a Miche Primato chainset but at about ½ the price if not less. It’s extremely strong, and is probably a bit more hard wearing than the SSC Modern.

That’s all of our single speed chainsets, all very good in their own ways...

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