Our Single Speed Wheel Range

We offer three kinds of Single Speed Wheel:

1. S S C Imported Wheels

All our wheels are good quality and excellent value for money. We have chosen them for their durability, aesthetics and price and we think we’ve done a good job (though we keep working to give a better offer).

The best value comes from our imported Workhorse, Carthorse, Premium or Premium+ wheels.

If you ride pretty sympathetically and are willing to do regular maintenance I would expect all three of these models to get you past 10,000 miles. We've done just under 7,500 miles on these. Here we describe the three wheels:

Workhorse - Our lowest price wheel is the Workhorse, it has double walled rims, cnc brake surfaces and sealed bearings. While all wheels need to be trued and their bearings changing every now and again we think that the Workhorse should last about 4,000 miles with little maintenance needed. It should go on to do many more miles beyond this.

Carthorse - This wheel has the same hub as the Workhorse but two small differences in the rim - it is wider (can take a tyre from 28-44mm wide) and it has single eyelets in the rim holes giving more strength. This wheel is designed for people who want to ride wider tyres and perhaps to carry heavier loads (on panniers or whatever). We'd say the extra strength of the rim brings this wheel up to more like 5-6,000 miles with little maintenance (maybe a true or two).

Premium, Premium+ and Retro Modern Classic - These wheels have a higher quality Quando hub - really smooth and very nice looking - than the Workhorse and Carthorse. The rim comes with single eyelets (Premium) or in our Premium+ and Retro Modern Classics double eyelets - bother offering extra strength over the Workhorse. We’d say you’ll get more like 6-8,000 miles with very little maintenance from these three.

For us, because we like the design of the Premium and Retro Modern Classic and they offer a smoother ride we usually go for them. But in terms of the mileage you'll get for your English pound the Workhorse probably wins.

2. Custom Builds

We offer either Mavic Open Pro or Ambrosio Excursion rims. And either Ambrosio or Miche hubs. For super hub quality we can source higher spec Ambrosio, Suzue or Campagnolo track hubs which are significantly more expensive. You're welcome to request a quote with any other rim - just get in touch.

Hubs: Though I have no qualitative data on this I'd suggest that the Ambrosio hub may be about 10% better than the Quando one on our Premium wheels, and the Miche hub maybe 20% better - we're talking about general toughness and longevity here. The Suzue is an unknown quantity except that it is a brand I have heard a lot of good things about and these hubs look great.

Rims: I think that the Open Pro and Excursion are essentially identical, both are excellent double walled, double eyeletted rims. The Ambrosio is lower priced so I'd go for that unless you have a particular penchant for Open Pros. These are better than the rims on the SSC Premium set because they are double rather than single eyeleted, but are matched by our SSC Premium+ and Retro Modern Classics. Again at a rough estimate these rims may be 20% more enduring than the rim on our Premium+ or Retro Modern Classic.

Build: We don’t think that the build quality of the custom builds is clearly better than that of other wheels - we consider all our wheels to be very well built.

3. Traditional Style Wheels

Only buy these if you really like the traditional look of the rim, and the overall visual effect this gives, otherwise the Premium is a better wheel for a lower price. 

Even the Retro Modern Classic (our name for the polished version of the Premium+) is much better value and looks very similar to this.

The hubs on these are very nice, pretty much on a par with those of the premium. Very smooth, nicely finished, and reliable.

But the rims are significantly lower spec than our workhorse ones, let alone the Premiums: they are single walled and without a CNC braking surface; and they have no eyelets (Carthorse and Standard Premiums have single eyelets, Premium+ has double eyelets).

So, the Premium wheel is both cheaper and significantly higher spec than the traditional one…

…but it doesn’t look like it just came from 1978.

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