Returns, Quality Issues and Defects

We try our best to supply high quality, hard wearing products at prices that almost anyone can afford.

Sometimes we will supply a customer a product which does not match up to expectations, or which has a random, undetected defect. Sometimes our customers will purchase a product and later realise that it is not what they wanted.

If you find a product of ours or our level of service does not meet your expectations please get in touch with us and we will do our very best to work out a remedy which is to your satisfaction.

We will also learn from the experience as we choose which products and services to offer in future.

We have a single rule which we follow when dealing with product issues: to treat our customers in the way we would expect to be treated if we were them.

Below we explain our policy on returns and issues for three common situations:

  1. You change your mind and want to return an item

    If you purchase an item off us and then change your mind about wanting it we will be happy to arrange for you to return it to us in exchange for a refund for the value of the item. There are two conditions to this – that you have not used or tarnished the item, and that you are contacting within a reasonable period of time.

    In such a situation please let us know that you have changed your mind and want to return the item. We will give you details of a return address and instructions for packaging the item.

    Upon receipt of the item we will inspect its condition and then refund the price you paid for the goods, but not the delivery component.

    Regarding a reasonable time period - we believe that you have a legal right to this kind of refund within 7 days of purchase. We will be more flexible than this if we think the time you took to decide was reasonable given your circumstances. But because we need to do our accounts, because our product line changes over time, and because products can deteriorate even just sitting around we may not be able to offer a refund and return if a long time (say, a few months) has elapsed.

  2. You are not satisfied with an item

    If you purchase an item from us and either before or after starting to use it find it has a defect or are not satisfied that it is of the quality it should be please do get in touch with us as soon as you can.

    We will discuss the issue and try to come to a satisfactory outcome for you.

    This will usually mean offering to replace, repair or refund the item – sometimes we may suggest replacing the item with a similar but not identical product. A refund is more likely to be offered in situations when you notify us of a problem soon after purchase, and if it is a defective product which you have not used. Otherwise we are more likely to offer a repair or replacement.

    If you need to send a product back to us in a situation like this we will reimburse you for any postage costs to you. In some situations this will not be necessary as we will arrange a courier to collect the item from you.

  3. We send you the wrong item

    If we send you an incorrect item please do not use it. Please get in touch with us as soon as you can, letting us know what seems to have arrived.

    For smaller items we will ask you to send the item back via the post office. Once received we will resend the correct item and reimburse your extra postage cost.

    For larger items we may ask you to post but more likely we will arrange a courier to collect the item from you. Again we will resend the correct goods as soon as we take receipt of the items.