Single Speed Chainset Compatibility Checklist

If you are thinking about replacing your chainset or chainring you will need to take a few of the below things into account:

If You're Just Researching a Single Speed Conversion

If you are just starting to look into your single speed conversion then please check out our general advice page to check that your chainset is going to work with the basic set up. Then if you're happy with that and want to change your chainset come back here for further information on this.

Number of Teeth

If you are wondering about how many teeth you want on your chainset please visit this section from our single speed conversions advice area

Chain Gauge

In line with this discussion on chains, make sure you have a 1/8" chain on your bike. All our chainsets have 1/8" gauge teeth.

Bottom Bracket Axle Length

If you already have a bottom bracket and are buying a single speed chainset to go with it then keep in mind the following table of ideal bottom bracket axle lengths for ensuring the chainset is in line with your rear cog if you have a standard pair of single speed wheels.

You are advised to purchase a new bottom bracket if the current one is too far away from the recommended size:

Chainset Name For a 42mm Standard Road Bike Chainline For a 52mm Standard Mountain Bike Chainline
Exact Bottom Bracket Size Needed Recommended Purchase Exact Bottom Bracket Size Needed Recommended Purchase
SSC Classic Chainset, 42mm  107mm  107mm  127mm  127mm
SSC Imported 44T Chainset
 103mm  103mm  123mm  122mm
SR Suntour Chainset  103mm  103mm  123mm  122mm
Sturmey Archer FCT6 wth chainring on outside  100mm  103mm  120mm  122mm
Sturmey Archer FCT6 wtth chainring on inside  120mm  119mm  140mm  The Longest
You can Find

Chain Ring Questions

Perhaps you are planning to buy a new track chainring. If so then you need to know the Bolt Circle Diameter of your chainset in order to buy the right one.

Follow this link to Sheldon Brown's explanation of how to find this out. 

If you have one of our single speed chainsets or are considering buying one and a chainring for it at the same time then note that all the BCDs are listed on the individual product listings.

Our single speed chainrings come in 130mm and 144mm B.C.D. sizes off the shelf. If you need another size then please contact us.


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