Single Speed Conversions: Freehubs

This is a Freehub:

Freehub Wheel for Single Speed Mountain Bike

The 'Freehub Body' the blobby bit above contains the freewheeling mechanism for the bike.

Onto this slide the sprockets which the chain runs over to drive the bike. For a Single Speed Set Up you slide one sprocket and a load of spacers to 'pack out' the hub, as here:

Freehub With Freehub Single Speed Conversion Kit Installed

With either system you then lock the sprocket/s on with a lock ring (to the right of the last spacer in the image above).

Here are four things to know about in relation to Freehub Wheels and Single Speed Cycling:

  1. Freehub Wheels Can Not Be Used for Fixed Gear: the freewheeling mechanism is inside the wheel already, you can't disable it
  2. Freehub Wheels Are Designed For: 700c and 26" Mountain Bikes with 130mm or 135mm wide frames. We'd not usually recommend them for anything else
  3. With a Freehub Wheel you can Alter the Position of your Sprocket Easily: This means you can replace your chainset at the front of the bicycle and easily compensate for any change in position to achieve a straight, derailment proof chain. Or if you are keeping your existing chainset we'll have no issues getting the rear cog in line with it
  4. Freehub Technology Is Considered Superior in Performance: to the older technology of a threaded hub and a freewheel screwed onto it. So if you have a freehub wheel already or have a bike which can accommodate a freehub wheel, it could be a good option!