Single Speed Conversions: Standard Threaded Hub

The Hub below has standard, non fixed gear threading

Standard Threaded Single Speed Hub

This is the kind of hub that you find on many old multi speed wheels. If the wheel is built correctly it can also be used with a single speed freewheel.

The freewheel (below) simply screws onto the threaded section:

There are three things to know about rear wheels with standard threading:

  1. No Benefit over a Fixed Gear Wheel: There is really no reason other than price (and this doesn't really apply most of the time) to get a standard threaded wheel rather than one with a fixed gear hub because a single speed freewheel can be fitted to a fixed gear hub anyway...
  2. Running a Fixed Gear System on this Hub: Standard threaded hubs are designed to be used with threaded freewheels and not fixed gear sprockets. However, it is possible to screw a fixed gear sprocket onto this kind of hub. If fitted securely it can work. However in this kind of set up you must ride the bike with a rear and front hand operated brake (i.e. caliper brake) because you do not have the ability to reliably use your pedals as a foot brake.
  3. Less Flexibility than a Freehub: Unlike a freehub wheel a freewheel single speed wheel has a fixed chainline. You can not move the freewheel on the hub to line it up with the chainset at the front of the bike. For this reason if you have a bike which can accommodate a Freehub Wheel, this may be a better solution.