Single Speed Wheels: Width of Wheel Hub

Different bicycle frames and wheel hubs are of different widths.

In order to get a wheel which fits into your frame you need to find out the hub width you need. You can do this by measuring your existing wheel, or more easily by measuring the bike frame itself. To do this, remove the rear wheel from your bike frame (if there is one), take a ruler and measure the distance between the insides of the bike frame where it was in contact with that rear wheel:

Single Speed Conversion - Frame Spacing for Rear Wheel
This frame seems to be around 132mm wide face to face

The frame will fall into one of three categories of size:

  1. 135mm - most modern mountain bikes and hybrids are this size. This is only likely to be the wheel width if you have a 700c or Mountain Bike 26” bicycle. If you think you have one of these please visit our advice page for more information
  2. 110mm; 120mm; 126mm; or another within this range. These sizes of frame are respectively usually associated with older track bicycles (110mm); town bicycles, track bicycles and older road bicycles with 5 gears on the back (5 or 10 speed bicycles - 120mm); older road bicycles with 6 or 7 gears on the back (6 , 12, 21 speed bicycles - 126mm)
  3. 130mm - A kind of cross over size - includes some new and older track bicycles, some modern road bicycles with an 8, 9 or 10 speed rear end; and some Mountain Bike and Hybrids

Note, the measurement you get may be one or two mm away from what the frame originally was, as frames can deform slightly - so if you measure 134mm or 137mm the frame is very likely to have been designed for 135mm use. But if it's 129mm that's unlikely, it's probably a 130 or 126mm.


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