Commuter Single Speed Wheel - Silver


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Just like S S C Single Speed Wheelsets this can be ridden with a single speed freewheel and a fixed gear sprocket or two freewheels in different gears.

This is a solid, light-weight, reliable single speed wheel and it's even cheaper than our Workhorse!

Rims - Double walled for extra strength, with CNC machined braking surfaces

Hubs - Large flange, flip flop track hub with smooth sealed bearings. Can accommodate a fixed gear sprocket or freewheel on one side and a single speed freewheel on the other

Light - details coming soon

All Silver - Hub, rims and spokes are all silver

Detailed Specifications
Rim Diameter: 700c, ISO 622mm
Weight: Rear Wheel, coming soon!; Front Wheel, coming soon!
Inner Rim Width: 14mm, for 18-28mm wide tyres

Wheel Spacing
Rear Wheel Will be spaced to 130mm O.L.D. but you can remove a 5mm spacer from either side to bring it down to 120mm O.L.D. If you want to space the wheel to 126mm please purchase some 3mm spacers to add to the order.

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